I’ve only seen a few fashionable suspender outfits in the past few years, and I always thought they were cute although I’ve never actually met anyone in real life who could pull them off.  However, the second to last episode of ANTM had Analeigh with cute little suspenders holding up her pants and she was applauded by the judges.  I haven’t stopped thinking about this fashion trend since.

They don’t seem too popular.  Like I said, I live on a large college campus and have yet to see a girl where them.  So far, I’ve really only seen suspenders being sold at American Apparel.

I also really love this little dress with suspenders:

I’ve also been looking at some Spring 2009 RTW collections

Jean Paul Gaultier

Limi Feu (this could be cute and wearable…I mean without the hhoop of course)

Costello Tagliapietra

I also like this one from Dior Spring 2008…

Some on a denim short/skirt/pants would be GORGEOUS…I am loving the suspenders with a skirt though, even a pencil skirt would do!